Anthony Granato Fine Art


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RAW Artists
Visual Artist of the Year SLC, 2012

Anthony's work is currently showing at:
Boston, MA

Urban Arts Gallery
137 S. Rio Grande St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Anthony's work has been published in:

Dragon Magazine
April 2002 - Dietites & Demigods Issue
May 2002 -  Castles Issue

Star Wars Gamer Magazine
2002 - Attack of the Clones Issue

D20 Modern RPG Hardback Book
2002 - November

WOD - Ghost Stories Hardback Book
2004 - White Wolf Publishing 

Anthony's work has been featured in:
In This Week Magazine

City Weekly Magazine

Salt Lake Tribune

15 Bytes Magazine
April 2011

Mountain Express Magazine

Summer/Fall Issue 2011

Catapult Art Magazine
December Issue 2011

In This Week Magazine
December 15th Issue 2011

In This Week Magazine
December 22nd Issue 2011

In This Week Magazine
January 19th Issue 2012

ArtSeen Magazine
March 9th Issue 2012

Issue 12 (April 18th - August 17, 2012)

SLUG Magazine
Issue 289 January 2013

City Weekly Magazine
2/18/2013 - City Guide Issue 

ILL Society Magazine
April 2013

15 Bytes Magazine
July 2013

Catapult Art Magazine
March 2014 Issue #28

Voyage MIA
August 2018